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Acquisition, Use and Supply, etc. of Personal information
Donators Names, link URL's and submitted images will be displayed publically on this website. All other supplied information will be kept confidential.

Use of Cookie
Our website does not use Cookies.

All donations are classed as a Gift to a private individual. No tax benefits can be clamied or obtained by gifting money to this website.

The minimum donation/gift is $1 for your name and a url link to be displayed randomly in the scrolling marquee.

The minimum donation/gift for an image link is 60 for your image, url link and details to be displayed in the tile grid.

When you donate/gift money to this website you will not 'own' any part of the website, or anything that I use the money to buy.

As gratitude for your gift, I will display your submitted details, website url and depending on the method used to donate, an image to be displayed on the home page of the respective dimesions according to the donation amount.

Donations are in US Dollars.

You cannot change the submitted details, image or link once you have submitted them. If there is a strong reason for you to change your details please contact me via email with your payment reference and details of what needs to change.

If your image and link are accepted and published on the website, you cannot get a refund

I aim for the website will be online for at least 5 years. If I achieve the goal of buying a GTR, then I aim to have the site online for 10 years.

No inappropriate content (obscene/offensive/adult) images/links will be accepted. I alone decide what is appropriate content. If you submit an image or link that is rejected, you will have the opportunity to provide an alternative, otherwise your money will be refunded.

If your link is accepted and you later change the content of the linked site to show inappropriate content then your link will be removed until you provide a new one. No refunds of any kind wil be payable for the link downtime.

If you decide you want to remove your details/url/image in the future, contact me with your payment reference. You will not recieve a refund and the space will become publically available again.

Images must be the approximate dimensions of the tiles selected, otherwise they will be scaled to fit which may result in some distorion.

Images must be in GIF or JPEG or PNG format, and a reasonable file size

Images must NOT be animated

Images on the tile grid may be occasionally reordered to make room for larger tiles, and to resolve any overlapping of images.

Links must be to web pages only. No short link service urls will be allowed.

You must have the authority to provide the image and link for the website you submit

Funds must be fully recieved and cleared before your details, url (and image depending on donation method) go live on the website

There might be occasional downtime for site maintenence but I'll try and keep these to a minimum

Once you have donated and the funds have cleared (eg. in my PayPal or bank account), I will aim to get your submitted details online within 24 to 48hrs


About Buy Me A GT-R

I've been lusting after the R35 GT-R ever since it was released in 2009. I would love to buy one, but I could never afford one. In Australia they cost upwards of $200,000. In 2013 was made redundant, so with alot of free time on my hands I decided to create this website so that the good people of the internet could crowd-fund a Nissan GT-R for me. I'm working again, but have bills, a mortgage etc and could never afford to buy a GT-R.

How you can help

You can donate anything from a dollar upwards. There are 2 ways to donate. Use the first method to upload an image to the Image Grid:

- Click and Drag on the Buy me a GT-R image above to select an area of tiles. Add your details and select the image you want to upload (Your website or company logo, etc). Cost will be caclulated on the number of tiles selected (1 tile is 7 x 8 pixels, $60) per tile.

Or use the second method to donate from $1 upwards:

- Click the
DONATE link to donate any amount, add your details and if you have a blog or website, add a link back to it, and I'll publish the link on Buy me a GT-R.

You can pay via paypal or with credit card (no need to have a paypal account). Your details will appear on the website once the payment has been processed through paypal.

Spread the word

Cant afford to give a random stranger a buck? It's OK. I understand, I can't either, but maybe someone you know could? That friend that just won 50 million dollars on Powerball lotto? A rich uncle? Your boss? The company you work for? That facebook guy? Share Buy Me a GT-R on social media ;)


So far no one has asked me anything frequently.


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