Nissan Donates GT-R to the Police

February 11th, 2019

Watch your speed if you happen to be driving through Tochigi Japan. Nissan have donated a GT-R to the Tochigi Prefectural police department. The gift marked 50 years of operations of Nissan’s Kaminokawa, Tochigi factory, where GT-R is built.

Nissan has a long history with the Japanases police, having donated 1965 model NIssan Silvias, 1970s Fairlady Z's, and more recently Fairlady 370Z's.

Australian Government moves to block performance car imports.

November 13th, 2017

In what can only be described as a dick move by the Australian Government, they are planning to severely restrict the number of performance cars that can be imported per year. This means no grey market GT-R's, Porsches, BMWs and WRXs.

They are doing this obviously to protect their mates in the local luxury car market, and the governments cut of the luxury car tax (currently at 33%), which makes cars such as the GT-R so expensive in Australia.

Full story here

Hey, long time between posts.

July 26th, 2016

So whats happening?

Nissan Australia are running a competition to test drive a GT-R. It's one of those 25 words or less deals which I suck at, but you might be have a better chance. Enter here

I got a job. It pays the bills, but not much left over. Certainly not enough to Buy me a GT-R.

In other news the Government is approving parallel importing of Australian market cars, meaning in 2018 people can import a less than 1 year old and less than 500kms on the clock GT-R directly from Japan at the Japanese price, instead of buying on from Nissan Australia at the Australia Tax price. It also means we'll be able to get a Nismo GT-R, as they aren't sold in this market.

For example this 2015 GT-R could be imported for approximately $125,000, which is a whole lot cheaper than any second hand GT-R on and a massive amount off the new price from a Dealer.

So who might want to donate to this site?

August 18th, 2015

- Businesses that want to advertise Nissan GT-R related products.

- Nissan GT-R related websites and blogs.

- Individuals that want to help me achieve my dream of owning a GT-R

- Anyone that wants a link to their website, blog, facebook, twitter, flickr ,Tumblr, etc.

Anybody really. As long as your links are "safe for work".

So what's this all about?

August 17th, 2015

Put simply, it's a website for people to give me money so I can buy a Nissan GT-R.

I had the idea for the website way back in 2009 when the R35 was about to be released in Australia, but I never had time to actually make the website. So being currently unemployed as the result of a retrenchment I decided to make the Buy me a GT-R website.

Why the Nissan GT-R? I just want one. I've been a Nissan (and Datsun) fan all my life. My first car was a beat up old 240Z. I remember watching Skylines racing at Bathurst in the late 80's. The closest I've come to owning a GT-R is an R31 Skyline GTS, if you don't count the battery operated remote control R35 toy I have.

They are prohibitively expensive in Australia. The Australian Nissan website describes them as "A supercar for anyone, anywhere, anytime", but at nearly $200,000 drive away price, "anyone" means
extremely well off. Which I'm not. I dont even own a house.

So the only way I'm ever going to own a GT-R is if I win the lottery, or the internet crowd-funds a GT-R for me.

There are 2 ways to donate.

The donate link in the top menu will allow you to enter an amount from $1 (US Dollar) upwards.

The second way is to click and drag on the image grid to select a number of tiles and you can upload an image to be displayed on the website (million dollar homepage style). Price is calculated per the number of tiles selected.

I'm taking donations in US Dollars due to the fluctuating Aussie Dollar.
If I raise my target amount in US Dollars, it doesn't matter what the Aussie Dollar is doing. If I raise my target amount in AU Dollars, and it continues to fall, Nissan AU wil increase the GT-R price to compensate
and I wont have enough to own one.

If you want to leave a comment, ask a question you can do so on the Buy me a GT-R Facebook page