Hey, long time between posts.

July 26th, 2016

So whats happening?

Nissan Australia are running a competition to test drive a GT-R. It's one of those 25 words or less deals which I suck at, but you might be have a better chance. Enter here www.nissan.com.au/forms/win-the-ultimate-gt-r-test-drive

I got a job. It pays the bills, but not much left over. Certainly not enough to Buy me a GT-R.

In other news the Government is approving parallel importing of Australian market cars, meaning in 2018 people can import a less than 1 year old and less than 500kms on the clock GT-R directly from Japan at the Japanese price, instead of buying on from Nissan Australia at the Australia Tax price. It also means we'll be able to get a Nismo GT-R, as they aren't sold in this market.

For example this 2015 GT-R could be imported for approximately $125,000, which is a whole lot cheaper than any second hand GT-R on carsales.com.au and a massive amount off the new price from a Dealer.